Sunday, October 03, 2004

chew on it!

Have you ever wonder...
If you can have a super power, or a special ability, what would you like?

Ok.. I heard that.. the ability to read people's minds eh? But wouldn't you be terrified if u 'know' that man X is habouring a plan in his head to rob the old lady? Or the innocent girl (or so you have thought to be) loves watching pornography?

What? The ability to judge a person at first sight? Well pal, human beings are not perfect. Wouldn't we be perpetually unhappy, knowing that A is a hypocrite, B is a fibber, C is a backstabber and so on? Ah.. I see you're argueing that if you knew about the above, you wouldn't go near that person, or take what he says with a pinch of salt. But are you sure you wouldn't be tired? What's more, you're not giving him a chance. He wouldn't be mean to EVERYONE right?

As for me, I'll like to have the ability to have the innocence of a child. Yes, maybe the child is naughty and irresponsible in a sense, but don't you envy him for his pure view and perception of the world? The little putti might be a nusiance, but he sees the world as a beautiful one. He carries no doubt whatsoever. He shall always be happy.

I shall learn from thee. Be hopeful, and pray that the innocence shall not be euphemistic in nature. (read: not naive)
What about you?


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