Saturday, January 14, 2006

Spirit of Air?!


You are a spirit of Air! You are a happy and bubbly person. No you're a wonderful people person. You could charm the pants off even the poorest person. You wouldn't though. You would rather see everyone around you as happy and optimistic as you are. You make people want to jump up and hug the person next to them whenever you're in the room

Good Points: You're a walking muse for lots of people. You kind and sweet and you don't mind taking on hard burdens if it means someone close to you will be happy. You're a bid dreamer and your openly optimistic! Also your not afraid to say exactly what's on your mind and if you lie its only a white one so someone feels better. One of your best qualities is your humor, if you could you would do just about anything to make your friends and family burst into laughter. For you laughter is the best medicine.

Bad Points: Your what I call a Ding-Dong. Your not very bright at times and sometimes your just plain slow to understand something. Your happiness often leads to you being very depressed when things don't go the way you thought they were and you're easily let down. Since you wear your emotions and heart on your shoulder you can get hurt very easily and come across as Emotional often and whiney.

Advice: You're a great person; all you need to do is pay attention a little more. I'd say to become a little more serious but laughter is so few and you give it to people so well. Best I can say is be aware about things a little more.

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