Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Beat this

After CS302 paper today (so distracting! I keep looking at MO, and I caught him looking back at me. I think he know I like him! All thanks to Janus and Geok :/), I returned to hall.

No, I didn't start mugging, even though I have 3 consecutive papers for the next three days.

I slept. 3.5 hours. Total luxury man. I skipped lunch to sleep. And at 0048 now, I feel like sleeping again.

I still haven't touched much of my notes for the exam tomorrow. Sometimes I think I'm GodPig instead.

Anyway, I was reading Jingshi's blog on the examination and central tendency. I was like "got meh?" Pulled out the paper. SHIT, I totally missed that part of the question.

MO is super jian. Why he cannot separate the parts, huh, Huh, HUH? And he even told us we can finish the exam in an hour. BLUFF. Those who believed him dilly-dallied a while and couldn't finish the paper. Those who didn't almost didn't complete the paper too.

So jian... but I like. HA!


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