Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Mercedes Benz Advertisement

"Life should be the other way round.

We should be born old. We'll rest for a year. Then we'll start work. And when we're in our prime and full of drive, we buy a Mercedes Benz."

Isn't it wonderful?! We'll come to Earth old and wrinkly. We start work, accumulating wealth, knowledge and wisdom on the way. When we're in our 50s, we fall in love and get married. And when we're in our 20s, young and energetic, we'll go around the world truly immersing ourselves in LIFE. Finally, we'll pass away as a baby, seeing the world as a beautiful place through our innocent mind.

Amazing? Not really. Fantastic? Of course!

Just imagine! At least we get to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Unlike now, when we'll probably be too old to enjoy our wealth, we get to spend our own MONEY. That's a motivation to work harder when we're old! And when we die, we have someone 'older' to look after and take care of us. Best of all, we leave, thinking of all things sweet and wonderful.

Awesome eh? WOO HOO!


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