Friday, December 03, 2004

The old man, fat guy and young lady

*Setting and background information
Venue: MRT train
A young pretty lady boarded the train. An old man, wrinkly with only wisps of white hair, stands alone looking wide-eyed at ppl entering and leaving the train. He's standing by the door, lying lazily on the transparent panel. An indian man in maroon shirt sits at corner seats with a women, fast asleep.

The old man
I've been standing here for ages. What's the world coming to? Nobody even notices old ppl like me? What's the use of bright yellow signs that yell at everyone to give up the seats to people who need them more? Like me? Look at those kids... climbing all over the seats, taking up so many of them! Why don't their mums teach them some manners? So unlike in the past... we would have gotten a trashing if the like happened! And screaming away... deafening. Dumb-founded. Disgusted.
Hm... there! The young pretty lady is looking my direction. Sweet smile she has there. Nodding to me. At least there's acknowledgement that I EXIST.
But I still don't get a seat. *shakes head*

The fat guy
Stupid "bu nei nei" (meaning indian in slang). Sit there for so long liao... I "ka sng" (direct translation: leg sour. meaning: tired legs). WAH BIANG! See pretty girl come in only he give up seat for her! Kaoz... She don't want the seat!! Act quick quick.. *plops down in the seat*
"Hello? Ay.. Ah seng here. (conversation)"
He thinks to himself: better talk as long as possible. Or else the chiobu might come over and force me to give up the seat to the chao lao ah pek, given that glare she's giving me.

The young lady
Oh dear.. quite a few people around. What's that old man standing there? Why doesn't anyone give up the seat to him? Poor thing.. Hey! He's smiling back at me!
Eh? I don't need the seat. I shall ask ah pek to come over to seat. *turns head*
What's the world coming to! So RUDE! The seat wasn't meant for HIM. No manners! So big-size, doesn't he knows what the sign is talking about? arghz.. Slap his face! And there's kids around! Next time they'll learn from him.. that'll be HORRENDOUS!
*shakes head*
Must look out for the ah pek.. what if he falls? *glare at the fat guy* can't u stop talking? Stand up and let ah pek sit!

DING DONG! Tampines.

All involved alights.


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