Thursday, December 16, 2004

Suffering in my dream

Have you ever had this experience...
You wake up from a bad dream. In this dream, you cried- terribly. And now, you ARE crying.

Darling... hold my hands. Why are you so cold? Say something please? Yes, that peck on the forehead felt good.
Hey mom! He's here. Where? You mean you can't see him?
Wait! Where are you going, darling? Leaving? Leaving me? NOW?! No... What happened??
You're what?! DEAD?! Oh.. I know I'm gullible. And I have a weak heart too. Please don't kid me like this... No? What you mean- NO?! ARGH!

*wakes up, sweating*
*went back to sleep, thinking it was all over*

Hey darling! Tell you what, I dreamt that you're dead? *eyes wide open, in dream* You mean you still are? Why did I get in here again?! Someone.. anyone.. get me out..
*calms down* So when are you leaving? Meanwhile, no one else can touch/see/feel you? Except me? But if I hold you baby, wouldn't others think I'm mad, holding on to air...
I couldn't be bothered anymore.. please..

NO!! Don't go! Nooooooo...

*wake up*

Tears streaming down, both in the dream and in reality.


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