Thursday, March 24, 2005


You wonder if you're gone, will anyone cry for you
You feel like the whole world left you behind and no one's gonna look back and pull u along.
You need a listening ear, but no kind soul is willing to stay there and take you under his wings.
You sees the world in black and white, or shades of grey, and you realli hate it.
You dislike that salty taste of tears falling down.

You wonder if heaven can be any better than the present.
You feel like king, or queen, prince and princess, all combined in one, and everyone is there.
You know that there's always someone special who you can call, sms, or mail to complain, share and just be there to keep you together.
You thinks that the world is too colourful, like a painting, like a sweet baby's dream.
You simply love that salty taste of sea, ocean, french fries, or tears of happiness.

You turn and see everything in a different perspective. I'm here all along.


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